The Exodus Starts Here?

And Goodbye To All This?_015

And Goodbye To All This?_014

I’ve been reading Strawberry Singh’s recent posts with interest. She’s the consummate diplomat but a red flag must surely go up when an SL blogger who gets over a 1000 hits a day says ‘I’m Leaving’ and ‘here’s a truckload of information on how to get started in a new virtual world’.

Her post with lots of links and references to inworldz is great and highlights the fact that creators are starting to set up shop there particularly now that mesh and mesh deformer is on it’s way. Her very useful post (see the link above) seems more than just an infomercial but more a call to arms.

I’ve always said (I’m less of a diplomat) that a company that treats its customers with disdain or fails to listen to their views will always ultimately fail. I hope I am wrong but take a look at this picture I took recently of the mainland when I was searching for a place to take some shots. I’ve never seen that many ‘for sale’ and ’empty parcels’ before. I spent some time travelling about to check that it wasn’t just that area but it was everywhere!

Mainland Exodus

I will be sticking with Second Life for now but looking at other virtual worlds too. I do like the look of Kitely (which creator could resist 100K prim allowance and all those free sims – imagine what you could make?) but they don’t seem to have made as much traction yet with the SL creators and they’re the ones that will kickstart interest and get people to stay. I’m not sure why they haven’t quite made an impact yet but give it time.

So for now I gaze wistfully over the land and the cottage that I’ve created wondering about the future and talking to my parrots. Also, wondering what will happen to them when I eventually leave : (

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Dress – Gizza

Hair – Wasabi Pills

Boots – *Redgrave*

Cottage – Riverside Cottage (@ My Ven River Store)