Hello My Name Is Moco And I Am A Shopping Addict…

Lots of lovely boxes and bags

Speaking of treats I did go a little bit mad yesterday and the day before and the day before that and went on a glorious 3 day shopping spree. The like of which I haven’t done in a long while and I have to say it was extremely, madly, deliciously enjoyable. You can see the fruits of some of my retail exertions here. I hadn’t intended to spend so much, I just felt as though I needed a refresh and as usual one thing led to another. One purchase wasn’t quite right so I had to get something else, one mesh hair piece didn’t quite fit and so on.

Firstly I splashed out and upgraded my AO (again) purchasing a nice cutesy, diva’ish animation set from Semotion, I like the simplicity of their AO HUD and she does have a vast range of AO combo packs.

Excited by my new fluid coquettish movements I hot footed it over to SLink to buy some new red shoes and some SLink hands. I love SLink clothes and although the shoes were lovely to look at I have to confess that both the hands and shoes were slightly disappointing.  The shoes although of a superb quality seemed quite big and chunky especially the bulbous, bulky looking toes. I made the usual adjustments but no matter what I did the toes stared back at me tombstone like until I could stand it no longer.

One Bad Pixel Pink Kimono & Wasabi Hair
One Bad Pixel Pink Kimono & Wasabi Hair

These shoes were bought to match the pink kimono you see in the photos which is quite dreamy from Siddean Munro’s new clothing venture ‘One Bad Pixel’. They make the most perfect mesh jeans, I have a fabulous pair in powder pink which are the best quality, fit perfectly and even seem to have a delicate slight shimmer which adds subtle realism. Anyway I love this dress and plan to get more probably in all colours!

The SLink mesh hands are just too fiddly. Firstly, you have to find the right size, next you have to find the right colour match so that the wrists blend seamlessly with your new hands, you then have to adjust the skin colour either by adding and mixing your own blend or spend hours searching for a skin applier from your favourite skin maker. And so it goes on. After half an hour in Siddean’s rezzing area at SLink trying to get hands, skin and arms to work seamlessly together I completely lost the will to go on. I will stick with the SLink nails which work ok for me. I know that these mesh hands are very popular but this make just doesn’t appeal to my flighty, flakey, impatient type mindset which demands that everything is seamless, perfect and straightforward. I see that lots more people are making mesh body parts and really they should have an all encompassing HUD that does everything. I’ve bought shoes, complete with mesh feet, that automatically and perfectly detect and set the right skin tone. These hands are a great idea, however they are just not for me and not just yet.

I will keep my eye out though for when Siddean launches her first full mesh avatars, I can’t wait! Maybe she is developing them limb by limb, first the hands, then the feet, then the phat azz, some knees, a belly button….

Yeah Baby! more stuff!!
La la la …. can’t really remember what I bought

So, the search was on for new shoes to match the aforementioned dress. I hunted in world until the usual horrendous lag forced me to go onto the Marketplace where I discovered these fabulous shoes by *Redgrave*. They have a great HUD which allows you to choose 12 different shoe colours and you can re-colour the heels, base and straps separately, I don’t think I will ever take these off! So the dress and shoes were set but what about new hair? I initially bought a few hair styles from Laviere including this silky, black over the shoulder number but although it looked good I felt it made my head look too flat so I have abandoned that too (well abandoned for now – I will go back to it as do I like the elegant style). I think what also put me off was the new skin I bought from LAQ or should I say expensive new skin fatpack. LAQ make my favourite skins but this one made me look just too different and that too will remain in my ‘Received Items Folder’ probably forever. In fact, I went back to my old skin set from LAQ which comes with 12 different make-ups. That didn’t stop me from buying some new Noya make-up just to mix things up!

Phew! Back to my old skin and the elegant Laviere mesh hair

It was at this time that I decided to go blonde at least for a while and started the hunt for a different hair creator which is when I discovered Wasabi for the first time….I Know….I Know, you will probably be wondering where have I been not to have noticed them but they are a great discovery and are very reasonably priced. I made the mistake of buying a long style with a heavy fringe (why do I never learn that this style doesn’t suit me???) I looked like Kelly Rowland’s not so famous sister on a really bad day, not a great image. So ended up with the blonde plaited style you see in this post, which I really do like.

Now, after all these retail conundrums I also needed new earrings, as I girl can’t have bare exposed ears with this kind of hair style, it would just look wrong. I purchased some great, gold dangly ones but they didn’t work so well with the blonde hair and the kimono. I had a rummage through my inventory and luckily found a pair of hammered silver disc earrings which worked  a lot better. I should say that the Kimono does not come with white leggings that was just my attempt at styling but they do come with a set of matching thongs as we all know that when we teleport anywhere, our mesh clothes don’t always arrive at the same time. Thank you SLink for helping us to preserve our modesty. The fit of this dress is excellent too.

Now where is the number for SA??

I finally jetted back home to unpack and managed to acquire some new poses along the way to complete the photos. Some of these images are quite poignant, as I stand surrounded by some of my purchases, the steady clink of Linden Dollars draining from my account ringing in my ears. Do I really need all this stuff, I asked myself in a moment of clarity? Do I need more new shoes, dresses, leggings, make-up, hair, teeth, jewellery?

More new shoes
More new shoes

I joined SL 5 years ago after hearing stories about wild antics, wild people and a whole new dodgy world, so decided to take a look for myself one boring snowy evening. I was completely blown away when I entered and finally got my bearings. Not by the wild antics, the naked people, the stories of sex parties and BDSM. Oh no, I could not believe there were actual shops where you could buy actual clothes, homes and stuff.  I quickly set about upgrading my avatar in every which way, asking anyone who would help, how to get better hair, take off my shoes or change my appearance. It was great. I soon realised that I needed an in world income to support my shopping habit and so Moco Emporium was born. My little furniture and homes store has been trading continuously since 2008 helping me to maintain my fashion wardrobe and shoe collection. So the answer to the question is YES, yes, yes I really do need all that stuff!

The end to another happy day