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Seven Cottages One Price

Cottage Fatpack Blog

I have finally decided to offer nearly all of the Ven River cottages as a FATPACK as part of the product range for Christmas. So if you are feeling generous this could be just the gift you have been seeking for that special someone. The total standard price for these cottages is over 12500L$ and they can be bought as a set with a 35% discount.


All cottages are copy/mod

All come as single builds so no separate doors to lose when you rez or move!

All come with a tailor made accessories pack and freebies

All are easy to set up either as a single build or with a rezzer for the accessories

All have lockable doors and privacy windows

All have texture change options and differing interior texture designs

All have their own detailed manuals to ensure your maximum enjoyment

And all are backed by great support and service

Or, if you are anything like me you can just decide to treat yourself! The details of each lovingly made home is of course somewhere on this blog or on the SL Marketplace and it is a chance for you to have a whole suite of homes to match your changing outfits or if you are a landlord offer secure, well made homes with privacy to your tenants or just treat yourself….again!

Buy on the Marketplace

See Cottages In world

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