Gold Fever @ Ven River

Bluebelle Cottage – Buy In world or on the Marketplace

Gold prospectors from all over the grid are heading for Moco Homes Emporium to see whether they can find one or two or all of the Gold Rush gold and silver coins. It is part of one of Second Life’s biggest communities with around 50,000 determined avatars vying to discover hidden pots of gold first. Some of them seem to make an astonishing amount of money just by following hunts and uncovering new places to shop and hangout. I saw on the hunter leader board today that the top hunters have earned around 75,000L (around $300) just by following the trail.

It’s the brain child of Wili Clip and along with his business partner they are developing a number of games and resources to get people moving.

Even if you’re not into hunts come and have a look at the houses, huts and prefabs or just choose your music and hang out by the ocean. You can even invite a friend and ahem enjoy one of the sensuous cuddles…have fun!

Riverside Cottage Second Life
Riverside Cottage View