NEW! Butterscotch Cottage (Work In Progress : )

Butterscotch Cottage Coming Soon!
Butterscotch Cottage Coming Soon!

Butterscotch Cottage_002 Butterscotch Cottage_003 Butterscotch Cottage_006




I can’t believe that my last post was at Christmas although the UK weather looks as though Christmas and winter are coming back what with all the snow at the moment.

It’s March already and I’ve  been a tad relaxed in keeping up my blogging plus RL been really busy and I’ve been improving my knowledge of Mesh. But I have been working on a new cottage called Butterscotch, named after something warm, delicious and yummy to help counteract the horrible weather, the cold, the sleet etc. Although, of course it is NEVER cold in Secondlife and if you want the sun shines all the time!

This cottage is work in progress so these pics are to whet your appetite and the cottage should be finished and tested in the next month or so. It has a conservatory, verandah, texture change and delicious butterscotch panel textures. Sign up to this blog to keep up to date with new releases and dates for when Butterscotch will be for sale.