New Riverside Accessories

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Riverside Cottage has proved to be very popular so thanks to all those who are new owners of this latest build and I hope you are enjoying your new home!

I am working on some more accessories for this cottage some of which are out now includingthe multi sit chairs and new blossom plant shown in the photos. The chairs look great on a verandah overlooking the ocean and should have enough sits to keep you both occupied. The blossom plant comes in clay pot groups and there are different pot styles and flower colours to choose from in world when you get a chance to take a look. Other accessories to come soon include:

  • Extra fencing
  • Additional garden plants
  • Verandah benches and lamps
  • Gazebo plus cuddles

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But I am really excited by the latest project which is a new build called for now (it may change) HoneyBee Cottage which will have some unique and very special features. That should be finalised and ready in the next couple of months so stay posted for progress and hints of what’s in store!