Great Furniture, Great Textures…

I joined Second Life out of curiosity and a year later I love the creativity of it all and can’t wait to create more…If only I had a bigger prim allowance, more Lindens, more time! Anyway see my furniture designs in world at Moco Emporium and if you’d like something in a different colour let me know and I’ll see if I can help : )

This picture was taken at Emily Island where I sell all my outdoor furniture including some nice Tiki Rafts which are proving very popular. You’ll also see, camps, picnic stuff and other items…oh and I nearly forgot a lovely little wooden boat for your own ocean or lakeside. It sort of looks a bit worn but that was the look I was going for, you know used and tatty. If it’s popular I may do some extra colours. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Also I’m wearing a great dress (with a long black skirt) by Riviera Couture, I love his stuff this is just a fabulous, classic design!