FAQ Deliveries

SL is a great place but an imperfect world. Mostly things work ok and sometimes, quite frequently in fact, they don’t.

Occasionally people will blame the creators and builders for these problems and they can get quite aggressive when things go missing or are not delivered in a timely way.

People complaining or querying lost items in this way is one of the things that spoils SL and there is mostly no need to have a go at the creator. In my experience and this is equally true of things I’ve bought as well, purchases usually do turn up even if it takes a day or so.

A lot of the problems/glitches are to do with the way that SL stores and receives data, not all of it is on the same set of servers.

Builders love building and all they want to do is create lots of stuff, sell it and have happy customers. Put simply, happy customers means more sales and for me that means more Lindens for designer virtual shoes, clothes and make up….It also means that the vast majority of merchants are not out to deliberately relieve you of your hard earned cash without making sure you get what you’ve paid for and that includes me. There is no conspiracy!


So if, like the rest of us at one time or another you have not received delivery of you purchase here’s what to do:

• Occasionally for reasons best know to itself SL is really slow in completing deliveries, this applies whether the purchase was made via the Marketplace or inworld at Ven River. Sometimes it is just slow. So please wait for an hour or so or maybe even a day and then re check your inventory. I know this can be frustrating when you’re waiting for your dream house but it will turn up

• ALWAYS keep a note of your purchase details from your SL account and include the details in any messages sent to me. This will help a lot and also help to prevent any misunderstandings

• Clear your caches – this is usually a first step and is easy to do, just go to preferences and network and clear the cache

• Check your inventory, sounds obvious but worth doing again. All items bought from the store will
start with ‘MOCO Emporium’

• Don’t forget to check your ‘Received Folder’ if you made a purchase from the Marketplace

• If all of this doesn’t help please get in touch


• If you bought a cottage AFTER mid April 2013 you will be able to get a redelivery from the redelivery terminal at the Ven River store

• Any problems just let me know

• Most cottages are copy anyway so always make a duplicate

Horrible, aggressive, rude behaviour will not go down well with me at all and will most probably end in a not very good outcome!

As my gran always used to say, ‘you get a lot further with a little honey than a lot of vinegar’