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FAQ – Sculpts & Mesh



• To really see the creations in SL in all their glory there are a couple of things you need to do

• These few steps will ensure that MESH and sculpts are displayed in the way the creator intended

• Firstly, make sure you have a Mesh enabled viewer

• In the Advanced Menu which you can activate by pressing CTRL+ALT+D, select ‘Debug Settings’. Or find the ‘Bug symbol’ in Firestorm

• Then type in RenderVolumeLodFactor which will autofill before you’ve typed it all

• It’s most likely set at 1 or 2 by default so increase it to at least 4. Firestorm and the SL viewer have options to set this in the graphics panel in preferences as well so make sure these have changed too

• Occasionally this setting, will revert back to default on restarting SL so check it from time to time if you find Mesh and sculpts are not rezzing properly on your screen

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