FAQ ~ Lighting



• Setting the lighting correctly in Second Life will transform your world if you haven’t already set it up correctly

• To activate the light settings so that you can see the effects of lamps, candles depends greatly on which viewer you use. If your lighting isn’t properly set then you may not notice the effects of lights. Go to the graphics section of preferences in your selected viewer and then select from;

o Local Lights
o Ambient Lighting
o Advanced Lighting
o Some viewers may have additional lighting options

• Selecting each of these options creates a more realistic lighting effect inworld. You should now see a big difference in world if this wasn’t selected before. Sometimes people will get in touch believing a lamp isn’t working when all that’s needed is for the right light settings to be created

• Choose the remaining lighting options dependent on computer/internet capabilities. Shadows will cause an average or even a faster computer to slow down considerably


• In rare circumstances if nothing happens or the light does not appear to work, please do the following:* Check that there are not multiple light sources very near to each other as the way SL physics works they are likely to cancel each other out

• Also check your preferences (as above) to make sure that ‘ local lights’ box is also ticked under the graphics tab

• Please see the manual for your cottage to understand how the lights and lamps can be operated