FAQ Modifying Mesh

The Main Differences Between Mesh & Old Style Prim Building

• When buying a Mesh or Partial Mesh house it’s important to appreciate that Mesh and Prims behave very differently in a build and that means that if you enjoy modifying the houses you buy, it’s even more important to know what to do

• There are some important ‘do’s & don’ts’ so please make sure you are confident in your building skills before making changes. Always take a copy of your cottage

• Mesh objects when joined together can show a much lower Land Impact than the combined total of the separate, individual items. This means that you will need to understand how to combine them and optimise the physics to get the lowest possible LI (see the SL Wiki for more info)

• You can find the LI for each object in the edit box and by clicking the ‘more’ link you will get a detailed breakdown of the weighting between the key elements that make up LI

• Setting the physics for each object in the correct way will help to keep the LI down. Physics here just means the way that objects interact with the Virtual World and Avatars, literally its physical properties in the Metaverse such as collision, whether you can walk on/through it etc. You will find the physics tab in ‘Edit Object’ >>> Features Tab

• Setting the wrong physics type or changing the physics type from the original build (without understanding the consequences) can often result in big and/or seemingly strange impacts on your use of the building. For example incorrect changes may cause you to fall through floors, prevent you from walking through arches or doorways, become stuck in walls etc, so be careful when making any modifications

• Only make alterations if you are quite confident in your building skills and ALWAYS take a copy of your house before you start. These strange effects have nothing to do with the build but are just simply the way Mesh works

• Often Mesh builds are made to keep the LI as low as possible by creating the house as a more or less single object but this can limit the owner’s ability to make changes to suit their needs. There is quite a lot of debate around this at the moment and the alternative is to make Mesh builds more modular so that owners still have to chance to downsize, upsize or just simply redecorate. My partial Mesh cottages are modular builds composed of prims, sculpties and Mesh used where best needed to optimise LI