FAQs Doors

All cottages come with the doors already attached and they are designed to work as objects linked to the main structure. This is intended to make it easier for you to move and place the cottage without worrying what has or will happen to the doors. All houses come as a single build.


SLIDING DOORS – Slidiing doors are notoriously fickle in Second Life and despite using the highest quality scripts sometimes things can go a little array. If the doors stop moving as they should, go to edit >>> select the door >>> move back into the close position >>> reset the scripts. Wait until this is completed and then repeat if this is a double door.

SWING DOORS – Any problems with doors please repeat the steps outlined for sliding doors above.

LOCKING THE DOORS – Please refer to the online operating manuals for each cottage for full details for setting up access.

WHY DO THINGS GO WRONG? – SL is a complex and often an imperfect world. If scripts do go wrong it could sometimes simply be that overtime things have changed in SL which change the way a script operates. Sometimes when the sim re-starts take place this can very occasionally interfere with scripts as can other scripts nearby. Always make sure that you have set the right options for script usage on your land or parcel to prevent griefers messing around with your stuff!