NEW Wardrobe Additions From aDiva

On the home page you can also see some more examples of the great work that adiva do, what talent and artistry really beautiful clothes. Whereas I have a small number of beautiful dresses in real life in Second Life I have a couture wardrobe that would rival any Hollywood starlet!  Which is why I love SL so!  If only more people who aren’t residents could see and appreciate the talent and effort that people put into their creations. Any of the dresses here would be sought after in RL and cost a King’s ransom! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do and I am always interested to know about other great fashionista stores so please, please let me know!

Luscious red 'Salome' dress....see the full thing on the main page.
Shell pink gown with light sparkling details from adiva. Hot pink antique chaise from my store MOCO Emporium Saint Lucia.
Shell pink detail..showing the back and sleeve drapes.
Shell pink detail.....really gorgeous textures!
Cream sequinned dress with slowing skirt. The White leather chaise is available from my store MOCO Emporium Saint Lucia.
French inspired bodice and skirt....
This silky black skirt has a side split and a lacey hat and pink flowers
This delicate amber dress has long understated swirls and intricate details. This is a leather pink chaise longue, not currently available in store but let me know if you're interested in having one of your own!
A sheer barely there dress...
You can see more of the detail here in the bodice which has a sort of jewelled butterfly effect.

Well that’s my shopping spree over for a while….mustn’t spend all my store profits! Come and see me in world if you are a designer and would like to talk about having your work showcased on this blog.

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