Bluebelle Product Info & Ops Manual

new bluebelle cottage_013


This is a traditional low prim cottage with some mesh features. The mesh elements are:

The doors, windows, front porch and front fence.

This means that you can make the most of modifying your build or just use the inbuilt texture changer to change the internal decor to suit your moods!

The Li is just 142 and this has been optimised as part of the build. Only make modifications if you are sure about what you’re doing as since the introduction of Land Impact de-linking even prim built houses can change the overall land impact once re-linked.

See the FAQs for more information on modifying mesh.

For any questions or queries go to the manual first (as this will answer most initial questions) and the FAQs but if all else fails send me a contact message and/or a notecard in world.


It comes as a single build so you can either rez the house and the accessories separately or rez the coalesced version which includes the house, fires and outside lights. LI for the coalesced version is 177.


House 142 C/M
Coach Lanterns 6 C
Fires 5



You can change the textures of the following via the control panel:

~ Interior walls
~ Floors
~ Blinds

You will find the control panel by the left hand door by the side of the stairs.



You can select 3 access levels of user, who may interact with the texture change script::

Level 0 – Everyone :means anyone who touches the control panel will be able to set the texture control menu

Level 1 – Authorized users :list of users must be specified. The list is saved in a notecard “:mptUsers” (without the quotes) in the control panel. This notecard is located in the flashing light prim of the access panel. To access this prim – select build – choose edit linked – click on the light prim – go to contents. You will see the notecard there. To add specified names follow the details below.

Add the name of each avatar who you’d like to allow access to the texture change menu. Each name MUST be written in a new line.

Spell each name exactly as it is in SL including capitals – Beware of misspellings 😉 The owner of the object doesn’t need to be in the list if Access Level is set to 1 in order to have access to the menu. You an access this notecard by selecting the contents of the control panel.

Level 2 – Owner only:  only the owner of the object will have access to the menu.


All lights come with 3 settings which are Hi/Lo/Off. They use the Paskis light system which works very well and creates a lovely natural light.

Lighting is very important in-world and it makes a big difference to how ‘real’ things appear. If you don’t have the right settings on your viewer you won’t see the effect of lamps and candles. To make sure you have the right settings on Phoenix go to:

 Preferences
 Graphics
 Select advance/custom
 Select local lights ‘yes’

Check the settings for other viewers too!

IMPORTANT Remember that you will have o adjust your lighting if/when you change your graphic settings. The more use you make of lighting and shadows will mean that you will have to adjust your indoor lighting accordingly.


There are 6 sliding doors in this house. They can be set to either:

  • Everyone to use
  • Owner only to use
  • Group only to use

To set the permissions and operation of each sliding doors just go to each one, touch, hold and slide down the door to bring up the menu. Follow the instructions on the menu to set your permissions etc.


** If there are any problems with the sliding doors, put them back into the closed position select each door via the the edit menu and reset the scripts. Go to build – select scripts – select re-set scripts.

** Also make sure that all sliding doors are in the closed position before rotating, moving or taking back into your inventory.


The most effective security to protect your privacy and possessions is to set to the land to private and invest in a top end security or land protector!

Touch door and say ‘show help’ in the chat for a list of commands (omit the apostrophes)

**Multi User Lockable Door Commands List **
Cottage: ‘show help’ – Displays this file
Cottage: ‘lock’ – Sets the door to Locked mode
Cottage: ‘unlock’ – Sets the door to Unlocked mode
Cottage: ‘add [name]’ – Replace [name] with the av you want to add to the list
Cottage: ‘remove [name]’ – Replace [name] with an av you want to delete
Cottage: ‘say list’ – Shows who is on the All Access list
Cottage: ‘change time [time]’ – Replace [time] with the number of seconds
Cottage: you want the door to stay open and listen.
Wishing you hours of fun!

Love from Moco XXX

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