Group Gift Released ~ 6 Fabulous Retro Radios

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This month’s group gift is a set of six mesh Retro Radios for you to enjoy.

They are the updated versions of the Retro Radios I made a few years back and this is what you get:

  • 6 Radios of different styles
  • Land impact of 4 each
  • They are Modify/Transfer so you can change the styling to suit and use on ANY land
  • They come with a selection of stations preloaded and for a few Lindens you can sign up for a music streaming service which will give you access to hundreds of stations
  • They can be used on land owned by a landlord – simply deed the radio – please read the instructions that come with the pack
  • The group is only available for 14 days so you’ll need to be quick if you are not already a member or you’ve accidentally deleted the gift 😦
  • Join the group in store

You can also pick up the equivalent COPY/MOD version in store which can only be used on land you own personally and so they are totally FREE!!

Look out for more radio styles in store over the coming weeks.

Have fun!!!

Blog Retro Radio JET