New Main Store Open @ Coyaba River Island

Welcome to Coyaba River Island_012aThe new store has finally opened and has already had its first customers which is great! I’ve been pushed for time recently so look out for some store opening gifts in August when hopefully I will have more hours to get everything ready to welcome old and new customers.

The main store has relocated from Ven River to Coyaba River Island. Coyaba is the Arawak word for heaven, the Arawaks being the original cool, laid back citizens of many of the Caribbean islands until Christopher Columbus turned up and finished them off with smallpox and the plague….

But this is no time to be downhearted as I think the new sim looks great. This has been a labour of love, involving many post holiday hours terraforming, laying down plants and pulling up trees….it was hard work! I’ve tried to maintain the same relaxed woodland feel and now that it is 30% bigger there are more little places to hideaway. So, if you just want to come and get away from all it all there’s plenty of places to sit and you can even use the free radios dotted around the sim to choose your own music!

Please drop me a line or a photo to let me know what you think of the new sim when you come to visit.

Plus you can now see the ‘soon to be released’ Lincoln Beach Cottage in-world which will shortly be finished off ready for sale. There will also be a very special price for visitors to the store who are also group members so keep an eye on the blog for more information.

Welcome to Coyaba River Island_002

Hope to see you at the new store soon and stay tuned for updates on group freebies and mega discounts to celebrate the store opening!

Goodbye Ven River_003