Polar Encounters & Happy 2015!

Moco Explore 2015

I decided to do some long overdue SL exploring and headed off across the frozen wastes of Frisland, Calas Galadhon and the furthest flung corners of my own sim. I was just setting up my camera for some gratuitous shots of my new Mutresse Nikita leggings (which are fabulous) when I heard some beastly snuffling and low menacing growling in the woods.


I was surprised to see 2 roughly formed mesh Polar Bears sneaking up behind me. I’m not sure why I was surprised as absolutely anything is possible in SL, even talking bears. They turned out to be friendly enough (thank goodness) although one of them kept asking me if I had any ice-cream (who knew Polar Bears liked chocolate, Vanilla and Raspberry ice-cream??)


After an exasperating couple of minutes I finally convinced him I wasn’t in the habit of wandering around the metaverse with spare treats and he eventually agreed to take some photos with me, which I am sharing with you today.

What’s the point or the moral behind this brief encounter?

Well, I hope that 2015 brings you many great adventures. Some of which you may have planned for, some maybe unexpected, some may even be pleasantly surprising but hopefully all will be great in their own way. The other message from this short fable is that sometimes events may initially present themselves as scary or dangerous when in fact they are simply an opportunity to experience something or someone new.

So stay open minded, embrace the new and welcome 2015 with optimism and an abundance of love!

Have fun!!