My Three SL Wishes

I’ve decided to take up Strawberry Singh’s recent meme challenge and state my 3 SL wishes, so here goes, Metaverse Genie I hope you’re listening!

1) Get Rid of Lag & Texture Loading Delays….Finally….Please!

I’ve been in SL for over 4 years and in that time lag has always been an issue. Why? Even now if there are more than 20 avatars in one place it’s a struggle for me or anyone else to get around, see the sights and shop. Maybe that’s what they want,  for all transactions to take place via a simple web frontage… but then it wouldn’t be a interactive 3D world would it?

This isn’t just some idle moaning from someone who should upgrade their hardware but from someone with a fast Mac and internet connection but who still has to wait what seems like hours for things to rez and for textures to load.

The sad thing is that the amazing creativity of SL builders is all but lost in a sea of grey or a frequent inability to move about. It doesn’t need to be like this anymore.

Over the last year I’ve been looking at other Opensim worlds and recently joined Kitely which is at the moment very much like SL was 7/8 years ago in terms of look and feel but it is very different in ways that are immediately appealing. Firstly, their sims hold 100,000 prims/PE yes 100,000 a figure too deliciously true for any creator. Secondly, their sims can accommodate up to 100 avis at a time to dance, shop or party their hearts out. So it is possible. Thirdly, you can get your own sim for free to do with what you will. Of course Kitely does not have the user base that SL has but once their new Marketplace is up and running (which is based on an Amazon market model) I would expect more and more avis to start taking advantage of what they have to offer. They are actively encouraging SL creators and why not, we’ve nothing to lose!

So come on SL, we love our Metaverse so give us a break and get rid of lag!

Here is a comparison of my SL and Kitely Avatars…yes Kitely has a way to go yet re the quality and choice of shopping outlets!

2) My Second Wish – My First Mesh Avatar

I’ve been searching avidly for weeks for the perfect Mesh Female Avatar, I’ve been really keen to try one out and so far have been sadly disappointed.

The only ones I can find are either extreme distorted visions of the female form with enormous boobs and ginormous backsides, or they are well crafted but only come in one shade and mostly look like Angelina Jolie after a late night. The other problem with mesh avis is that, as far as I understand, they cannot be modified : (

I was looking forward to at long last having a properly shaped booty, sleekly curved thighs and a properly sculpted crotch (these things are important) plus nicely sculpted hands, feet and jawline…sigh…when is it going to happen…. how much longer do we have to wait!

I know we can get prim hands and feet now but it’s not the same I want the WHOLE thing. And whilst I’m in wish mode – Metaverse Genie – can we also have fully rigged hands and feet as well,  thank you.

Here’s an example of what’s available;

3) Give Creators More Tools To Play With

I’m not 100% sure what I want here, but what I’ve seen over the years is that some very talented SL creators have dedicated their time to improving the creative process for the rest of us by creating outstanding builders aids. Quite often these aids are free or at very low cost.

SL could do more around this too and in fact a few years there was talk of offering builders maybe a different type of membership that would give access to specific builders tools – what happened to this idea? What sorts of things would I like to see?

– a greater range of tools and shapes to build with – perhaps even a separate grid where mesh objects could be created easily

– an end to excessive upload charges for mesh models

– better transparency when things go wrong in SL that affect builds or scripts

– Better notecards with bold, colours, shading etc for manuals and info

I’m sure there are loads more but that would be my initial wish list.

Why do I think that this is important? Because it is the creators who have made SL and over the last 4 years I’ve not seen a lot coming our way by way of thanks. Without the talents of people creating the sims, the skins, the clothes, the gadgets, the homes, the furnishings, the textures, the hair, the makeup, the scripts and so on, SL would be no different to any of the other smaller Opensim worlds. We’ve literally made SL what it is, encouraged and helped people to stay and make friends, created a profit of $75 million for Linden Labs last year.

We are SLs biggest advocates and yet Rodvik Humbe (SL CEO) seems to concentrate more on creating new platforms and new LL offerings than improving Linden Labs main offering. That always seems to be a bad strategy to me, ignore your core customer base at your peril. There are other worlds out there and everyone wants a slice of the metaverse pie..

Well that’s my wish list, let me have your thoughts!