Asian Winter

Red Asian Lodge At Moco Emporium Second Life With Winter Add ons

Red Asian Winter_052

Winter always look great in Second Life and it looks even better with all the Christmas decorations. I only have a few baubles in my store at the moment as I’ve been working on finishing winter add ons for the most popular houses.

This is a photo of the Red Asian Lodge available in store with most of its winter additions; crisp piles of snow, snowy white roof, jagged ice white icicles. It’s not quite finished yet but will be done in the next week or so just in time for Christmas and the rest of the winter.

So if you’ve already bought this lodge or are thinking of buying it, keep updated via this blog as to when the wintry additions will be ready. The final version with also include clumps of trees, animated snow and a christmas tree. Everything you need to snuggle up with someone special and watch the snowflakes fall…..

Here are some more images to help you see how good it can look in various light settings. Sign up for regular blog newsletters to keep up to date on new homes.