HONEYbee Cottage Now For Sale @ Ven River!

Moco Emporium Prefab Cottages, Houses & Homes Second Life
Honeybee Cottage photographed under windlight settings
Blossom vines hanging from the front porch on a hot sunny day

After much faffing, fussing and fiddling I’ve finally finished Honeybee Cottage and you can now buy it at the in world store. You’ll get the house, gazebo, patio, lights plus a fabulous texture change house. Take a look at the photos for more ideas on colour and wall and floor and window combos! See the final cottage in world at Ven River (links on the left)….

Furniture packs are being made as we speak and the kitchen you see in the photos should be ready in the next week or so…or perhaps longer depending on how much time RL takes up. Enjoy these pics of the various texture combos available in all rooms.

Blossom Vines wrap around the gazebo overlooking the sea

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