Competition Time

I spend a lot of time thinking about designs and making and designing furniture and not just in second life but in RL too.

Often after I’ve spent hours making something and then lovingly releasing it into the metaverse, I often wonder what’s happened to it…is it being cared for….is it happy?

In the olden days (before LL started to mess things up) customers would often invite me back to their new properties and parcels to proudly show me what they’d done with Moco Emporium furniture and accessories and their interior design. They often displayed things in innovative and creative ways I would never have thought of and it was always a pleasure to be invited back. Now it seems no one can be bothered : (  plus I’m only in world nowadays to build and answer specific customer queries these days.

So, if you have bought something from the store and would like to show off your interior design skills send in a hi resolution picture for us to use on this blog! All that are shown will get 150L$ off any outdoor furniture either purchased online or at the in world store Saint Lucia.

So what are you waiting for…..get snapping!

Ps- please send your photos to or via a notecard in second life