Light Up Your World!

Bell Chandeliers and Sultry Satin Chaise

Hello, I haven’t put on a new post for a while as I have been a bit busy with other things. This time I want to take another look at lighting as this is so important for anyone’s Second Life. If you’re new to Second Life  and still haven’t worked out how to get lighting working in SL then ask someone quick! It is the quickest and simplest way to create greater realism, ambience and different moods. Over the last year I’ve spent time creating lighting, lamps, lanterns, candles and so on that will enhance your in world home, light up forests at night, create a seductive scene and cast light on your builds. All the lights you’ll see in the next few photos have been built with attention to detail and great textures and all have on/off switches so that you can control how it works and when. All the candles and fires (which can also be used as lights) have realistic, flickering candle/fire light which also help to create that really there feeling. There are now many, many lamps and lighting options in store plus a couple more at the Meadowbrook Showhouse. Some are colour change, all are fab! Take a look at the pictures and be sure to visit me in world at my Saint Lucia store soon. You haven’t got the landmark? Just look right at the store logo, click and the Slurl will take you straight there!

Glittering Crystal Chandelier & Candy Pink Antique Chaise
Meadowbrook String Light & Colour Change Chaise With Multi Sits
Three Lamps…white chandelier, white & steel floor lamp and white crystal globe lamp
Meadowbrook Taupe Sofa, Wall & Floor Lamps