photoART ~ Peep’s Portfolio

I’ve had a busy week completing a new outdoor range for my store plus next month’s MOCO Emporium News….starting to run out of hours in the day with everything else that’s going in in SL and RL phew…if only RL Jobs and tidying up didn’t get in the way! Had another great photo shoot with a lovely new client called Peep (what a great name!!) who came to the studio via some mutual friends.

Take a look at her fabulous MOCO photoART portfolio (click on the pink or go to ‘my photograph pages to get to her portfolio)…she looks awesome so guys watch out!  Here’s a few samples for you though!     

This reminds me of one of those great romance novels....where the heroine is waiting somewhere for her amour, someone tall....dark.....handsome....strong!
I love the old glamour of this photo along with a touch of Audrey Hepburn!