Glamour, Slash, Plunge….

A gorgeous deep Turquoise dress by Digit Darkes. And yu can change the colour of the dress and the jewels really amazing if only such things existed in Real Life too!

I love dresses, slinky, satiny, silky, shiny ones. Ones with low backs and low fronts, ones with swishes and swirls, ones with slits and sashes, any as long as they have great textures, move well and fit perfectly! There’s a blue, turquoise theme here so look out for other colours next time.

The Golden Age of glamour, a slightly 1930s vibe and me looking out over the sea.
Pretty & Pink Dress From Vicky V
Poppies galore in the Secret Garden and lovely dark beige shoes by B&G.
Cooling off in the sea, a hot hot day on Tiki Island....
Beautiful, Barely There Dress By Digit Darkes. shaking It Down On Tiki Heaven Island.