Fashion – My Second Life Wardrobe

A gorgeous deep Turquoise dress by Digit Darkes. And you can change the colour of the dress and the jewels really amazing if only such things existed in Real Life too!


I love dresses, slinky, satiny, silky, shiny ones. Ones with low backs and low fronts, ones with swishes and swirls, ones with slits and sashes, any as long as they have great textures, move well and fit perfectly! There’s a blue, turquoise theme here so look out for other colours next time.    

The Golden Age of glamour, a slightly 1930s vibe and me looking out over the sea.


Pretty & Pink Dress From Vicky V


A million Poppies in the Secret Garden and lovely dark beige shoes by B&G.


Cooling off in the sea, a hot hot day on Tiki Island….


 Beautiful, Barely There Dress By Digit Darkes. Shaking It Down On Tiki Heaven Island.
Roll On Summer


Occasionally….and probably when I have the time I’ll post my favourite fashion items. Although I am trying to save a few Lindens by not buying a new outfit everyday day. I always wondered where my store earnings disappeared to and now I think I’ve figured it out! So, now I’m on a mission to shop wisely and strategically and to create that ‘capsule’ wardrobe that everyone talks about. I only hope that capsule is really, really, really BIG! This time I’m looking at beach wear and itsy bitsy bikinis. I think that is my main focus at the moment, dreaming of somewhere hot, steamy and sunny as the UK is recovering from it’s worst freeze since the last Ice Age…brrrrrr. Roll on summer.       

Long hot summer days by the beach. Here I am on one of my beach/picnic blanket sets with animations and cuddles. This one is called 'Eastern promise'.


This pink tassled bikini by HQ is really gorgeous. Now where's that strawberry daquiri?


Sunset Tasslemania
A full frontal of pink tassles


Take me I'm yours
This lovely simple bikini was from Gnubie so won't cost many Lindens and may even have been free


Check out the shoes
Great white strappy shoes from B&G (Boys & Girls)


Look to the west
Turquoise bikini from SLink


Endless ocean
Virtually floating away in a perfect sea (no sharks)
5 replies to Fashion – My Second Life Wardrobe
  1. Very kool =)
    But how did you graphics so great ? just a fine new PC or?
    and how did you get that fine avatar…? just some standard or did you “build” your own ?
    Last time (last year) I checked out 2nd life it didn’t look that nice…

      1. Yeah.. I like that theme of ours, but you have the red background in the header changed to some find of veil graphic – that looks really nice…
        You to can know write in danish =) just use select danish and write something and paste it in =)
        try! it could be fun
        oh yeah – by the way: you can translate bothways of course… =)

  2. pc…thanks very much! I have a top end graphics card on a fast computer which helps for photos. Plus I always play around with lighting to help make things look as good or as ‘real’ as possible. When I got the new graphics card for me SL was transformed…it really makes a huge difference. As for my avi…well she cost a few Lindens and getting the best skin you can afford and hair make a big difference too! Check out the ‘my photography’ pages to see an even newer skin which is made by Laqroki and has a great ‘real’ finish to it. Thanks for stopping by!

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