Group Gift Released!


The Firenze Classical Gazebo has finally been released and it’s free for all Group Members. The gift has already been sent out to existing group members so if you’ve missed it just join/re-join the group and then head to notices to download it. It will be available as usual for 14 days and then it will disappear as a free gift. The Gazebo pack will go on sale shortly after the Group pick up period has ended so be quick!!!

You can join the group and see the gift in-world at the main store at Coyaba River Island.

It will match many of our houses currently for sale but watch out for other versions with different colour options coming soon.

What’s In the Gift Box?

  • 100% Original mesh Gazebo
  • Gazebo Li = 21
  • Gazebo is copy only
  • Is re-sizable (see the photo note to find the switch)
  • Has several texture change options – it uses a similar switch which is opposite the resizer switch
  • Comes with a collection of decor items

Your gift comes with a choice of textures. You can change the marble accents to match your décor the switch is a small box inside the roof canopy please see the Firenze texture changer texture in the box or the photo below.



It is resizable to twice its current size and please be aware that any increases to mesh objects will increase the land impact. It can easily be reset to its default size. This should give you plenty of options to match your parcel size.

This means that you can make it big enough to fit in a decent sized hot tub, see the hot tub collection at my store or on the Marketplace which will give you plenty to choose from.

Super Size Me…



The Accessories

Included in the pack are a whole range of Décor items to help with your styling including;

  • Rustic lamp and chain
  • Various potted plants C/M
  • Topiary trees
  • Two types of marble benches with multi sits


Enjoy! ❤