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Atlantis Beach For Sale on Kitely

Atlantis Beach Kitely_026

The Kitely Marketplace & In-world Stores Are Now closed

The first of my SL cottages to make it over to Kitely is Atlantis Beach. This is currently my best selling house and it works equally well on secluded and crowded beach areas.

What Does The Kitely Version Offer?

The usual low prims (there’s no land impact to worry about in Kitely) and the usual high quality design and textures. However the spec for this cottage is slightly different to the Second Life version – mainly due to the constraints and availability of certain scripts in Kitely. However the good news is that anyone buying the Kitely version will get free updates as I upgrade the scripts over the next year.

Specifically in this pack you will get:

House Pack Details

Atlantis Beach Kitely_059

Atlantis Beach House – Prims 62 & Copy/Mod


Footprint = 35 x 35


100% Mesh


Accessories pack (also mesh) – Prims 26


  • Porch lamps
  • Plants
  • Built in spotlights
  • Fire with crackling sounds and on/off switch

Sliding doors and lots of glass and light to make the most of gazing out over the sea or admiring your extensive landscape!

Kitely Opening 9

Where To Buy In Kitely

Atlantis Beach Kitely_024

Via the Kitely Marketplace


At the Kitely Sims (free to visit)

Where To Buy In Second Life

Second Life Marketplace


Second Life In-World Store

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Plus stay tuned for a beautiful Valentine day GROUP GIFT which will be available soon!!

Kitely Opening 3


5 thoughts on “Atlantis Beach For Sale on Kitely Leave a comment

  1. I’m very excited about that Moco, thanks. You may also like to know that putting Atlantis up for sale in Kitely (which I intend to rush in and buy), encouraged me to buy it in SL as well – so selling in Kitely, is a good advertisement for a sale in SL, lol – worlds collide 🙂

    • Thanks so much for that Jane! I did wonder whether there would be any extra advertising benefits from Kitely but it’s still hard to tell how many people use the Kitely MP or shop in-world. I hope you enjoy the cottage (in both worlds) and any questions about either just let me know. Thanks again 🙂

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