Bouncing Boobs & Bits Second Life

This video shows the ‘Jessica Lyon’ Bouncing Boob wearable in action, there are plenty of others to choose from….read on for more details….

Bouncing Boobs Phoenix Second Life
You Can’t See It ….But They Are Bouncing Here!

I could not let this moment pass by without saying a few words about the new Avatar Physics on the latest version of Phoenix.

After reading the instructions for 3 minutes about how to set things up I initially became a little depressed about how complicated things looked until I discovered you could buy ready made bounce and jiggle settings for FREE on the Second life Marketplace. Made by the Phoenix Development team, just search under Phoenix and it will come up. You will get a box of various wearables that have different wobble settings dependent on your preference. For now I’ve gone for the more subtle but still noticeable wobble which is great for just general use.

Of course they have super wobble and extra super wobbly versions for those times when only the best jiggles will do, dancing, loving and the like……so take your pick. Some of the settings are hilarious and if you want to create your own the Phoenix site has detailed instructions or download a copy HERE.

Don’t forget to take a look at our Cuddle and Sex Beds too on the SL Marketplace if you’d like to try out some of those bounces for yourself! They are beautifully made with sensual animations.

Visit: Moco Emporium SL Marketplace (remember to change your settings to ‘mature & adult’)

Oh and the skin I’m wearing, called ‘Imani’ is by the fabulous Laqroki. It comes with 10 different make up sets. The gorgeous gown is by Morea Style who has opened a huge new store and is one of my favourite inworld designers now that Digit Darkes has gone. Morea De Costa’s style really reminds of Digit’s beautifully made fluid gowns.

I realise that I haven’t done a fashion update in a while, mainly because Linden Labs seems intent on killing off my in world business which has meant less Lindens with which to treat myself but watch this space for some more reviews soon on Morea Style and other great designers.

Have Fun



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