New Kitely Store Opening Soon

17/03/2014 — 5 Comments

Blossom Cottage Grey4a

Blossom Cottage Grey_009

I’ve not had much time recently to work on my Kitely store due to my RL and SL creative demands. Plus I felt sort of a bit deflated by the comparative lack of builders’ resources and scripts there were in Kitely and that persistent, nagging feeling of having stepped far back in time. I know that this will all change as the months roll on but being an impatient sort of person and a perfectionist that doesn’t quite help me at the moment!

So the work needed to get the cottages ready, exporting and importing hundreds of house parts, decor items, 1000s of textures, landscaping etc plus the need to build many new things and write scripts has taken it’s toll on my mind and drained my creative energies. I therefore had a break from Kitely for a couple of months to get re-energised for the final push. But it also helped me to take a more realistic view of what could be done with my 4 sim space, which has gone from being an exciting expanse of wonderful possibilities to an enormous barren landscape of emptiness aside from a few prims and half baked mesh bits strewn about.

I’ve now given up any hope of any type of grand opening as the sims will be mostly empty for the foreseeable future, apart from some careful landscaping, a few bridges and a couple of houses for sale. I now plan to drop in a new cottage or some decor when they’re completed and will add in other creations as I go along. That way I won’t feel so overwhelmed by all the things I have set myself to do and in any case this is a creative outlet for me and that means it should be fun!

Kitely Store 2014_007

The technical aspects of transferring goods from one grid to another have been really energy draining and there has not been that much by way of resources to help ex-pat Second Lifers make the transition. However, I always get answers quickly whenever I post on the Kitely forums and everyone is really helpful but really there should be some sort ‘How To’ guide specifically for Second Life builders, I may add on some notes to this blog if I can muster up enough interest to do it : )

In the meantime I will be publishing ad hoc posts as to progress and will publish the date when my almost empty group of sims will be open for people to see the houses available and the first house for sale will be Blossom Cottage featured in these photos in 2 texture designs, Blush Pink and Grey/Brick. Blossom Cottage is also available on the SL Marketplace (Blush Pink only) and at my SL In-world store, see this previous post for all the links.

These photos were taken on my Kitely sims and this is Atlantis Beach part of ‘The Village’ mega sim where my store resides. The theme will be similar to my SL store based around a (hopefully) beautiful coastal village, surrounded by woods, rivers and dales. That’s my vision anyway.

This post has ended up sounding much more downbeat than I had intended. This is definitely not a reflection on Kitely but more of a reflection of me as a person and as a virtual worlds builder. I have an artistic, butterfly mind, carelessly jumping from one creative project to another. Frequently exasperated when things take so much longer than expected. Always hoping that creating anything is made as easy as possible, so that my inspirations are not crowded out by inconveniences such as scripts or virtual world physics.

Kitely Store 2014_001

Really, I wish I could clone myself so that all of the millions of plans I have in mind actually get done. I haven’t forgotten about the free skins I promised to do for Kitelyites, I will still do them although I am not sure when. I am an expert in building 3d cottages, 3d skins are a whole different skill set!

Stay posted though for the new store opening and if you do have any questions about life in Kitely let me know or use the Kitely Forums they are a friendly bunch.

Kitely Store 2014_013

Kitely Store 2014_003

5 responses to New Kitely Store Opening Soon

    Minethere Always 19/03/2014 at 9:19 pm

    Hiya Moco-)) Yea, it is hard to do the initial transfers. The thing to keep in mind with Kitely is that once it is on your region[s] you can export the whole region via their webgui to your own computer, and even view a free export report that I like a lot, personally.

    Once it is in your computer you can upload it back to any regions anytime you wish, or to your own soas or connected regions in some grids [but not any other closed commercial sl clone least on your own..if at all].

    I would recommend doing the backups regularly also, in case some issue happens you can just upload the last one and keep on going-))

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